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These wizards have been lured to the fascinating dark powers of the Shadow Tribe than of religious faith towards the church. Their practice of magic and witchcraftry is of highest destruction on the Inotian continent
  — In-Game Description 

Basic InformationEdit

The Warlock class is a power mage who uses staffs and orbs to inflict high magic damage. Whilst this class is similar to the ranger class, the Warlock favors magic over the use of a bow. This character also has several efficient spells to use in combat, making this class a highly favoured class.

It has recently been discovered that the Warlock is in fact the strongest damage-dealing class by quite a fair margin, both in skills and his standard attack, despite opinions to the contrary. For skills, the Warlock's extreme overload ability Spell Redemption pushes his skill damage output to a level that could best be described as "psychotic" for as long as he can keep his mana supplied. For his standard attack there is a technique unique to the Warlock that allows a player to artificially accelerate his attack rate and therefore his damage output. This technique is known as the Warlock's Dance. And finally, on top of both of these the Warlock has a profoundly powerful set of passive and active damage boost buffs that when all are active and maxed will more than double his damage output of everything that he throws. All of these abilities combine into flat-out ridiculous damage output, potentially more than at least any two other classes combined.

The Warlock's DanceEdit

To properly explain this technique the universal process for a class's attack will need to be examined at a somewhat technical level (sorry for any headaches that may be caused by some trying to understand this).

All character attacks have three main phases: the Warmup stage, the Firing Point and the Cooldown Stage.

The Warmup Stage is the animation/delay from the moment an attack cycle is started (i.e. from the point the player presses the Attack button when their character is in range of a target) to the Firing Point.

The Firing Point is the exact point in time where either a Melee attack hits the target or a Ranged attack is fired, and all fired ranged bolts act as infinite-range guided missles the moment they are in the air.

The Cooldown Stage is an added delay after the Firing Point up to the end of the overall attack cycle.

The combined time of the Warmup Stage, Firing Point and Cooldown Stage makes up one standard attack of a character, and if the player simply presses the attack button and stands by the character will go through this cycle automatically at their standard rate which is based off of the equipped weapon's speed and any buffs that may be in effect. A character can move during the Warmup and Cooldown stages, which effectively resets/cancels that stage. If a character moves during the Warmup stage their attack is cancelled and they will not hit.

Now here is the critical point for a Warlock: THE VAST MAJORITY OF HIS ATTACK CYCLE IS COOLDOWN.

The Warlock has an almost nonexistent Warmup and Firing animation, nearly all of his delay is in the cooldown stage and shifting to the slower Orbs from the Staves only adds to the cooldown. If a Warlock fires, then immediately takes a small step in any direction the moment the bolt is in the air, his attack cycle is reset and he can manually fire again much earlier than he would be able to normally. Doing this fire-move-fire-move procedure constantly can more than triple the Warlock's attack rate, pushing it to potentially more than double the standard rate of an Assassin's dagger, even if the very slow high damage Orbs are used! Seasoned "dancers" can get their firing rate approaching 5 shots per second. If we were to compare it to, say, the Warlock's ranged cousin the Ranger, almost all of the Ranger's attack cycle is Warmup so movement would actually cancel his attack and therefore the dance cannot be done. The melee classes all have similar issues, plus given their short melee range the steps would often move them outside of striking distance and add a delay for the character to get back in range.

The Warlock's Dance takes a bit of practice to get used to, but once you have it down you'll be putting out some downright sick damage. When combined with the slowing effect of Blood Curse this is absolute death incarnate to melee enemies, EVEN MELEE BOSSES; after putting on Blood Curse the Warlock can use the dance to constantly skip out of the enemy's range while laying into them like a magical machine gun from hell. However, keep in mind that given how much damage you'll be pounding into an enemy the Warlock will permanently keep aggro, regardless of anything your Mercs do, which will be of particular concern against ranged enemies. It is highly recommended to stick with the maximum defence Plate armor because of this, and to use Summon Bard liberally for the defence boost.

Starting StatsEdit

Strength 5
Dexterity 7
Vitality 9
Intelligence 15
Mentality 11



  • Touch of Agony - Inflicts 'shadow element' attack to one enemy constantly. High 'critical rate'.
  • Blood Curse - Curse enemies nearby, slows movement speed and absorbs enemy's blood.
  • Fire Offering - Burns enemy's body.
  • Pain Overture - Gets hurt on purpose to increase mana. Deems that enemy inflicted damage.
  • Summon Hellfire - Covers large areas with flames and attacks.
  • Spell Redemption - Increases both the skill's mana usage and damage.


  • Hell's Pawn - Summons the 'pawn of hell'.
  • Summon Bard - Summons 'bard'. Increases Warlock's physical and magic damage resistance.
  • Monster's Scream - Hell's pawn screams to stun and damage everything nearby. (Gets Aggro)


  • Mage's Claw - The pawn of Hell's attack recovers the Warlock's MP.
  • Blood Revenge - Damage increases when you, your pet, and/or part members are attacked by enemies.
  • Bard of Destruction  - Attack rate increases when 'bard' is summoned.
  • Blade of Darkness - Warlock's magic damage increases.
  • Blood Feast - Increases the damage of the blood curse, and transfers 'vampire effect' to all party members.
  • Lightning of Hell - Hits lightnings to target for a certain chance when critical is activated.


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