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Shadow Tribe Edit

Kiyan , a trainee assassin meets with the Shaodw Tribe's Vice-leader, Darius, to discuss the assassination of Grafton, the Earl of the Knights of Berkel. Kiyan crosses paths with the Knights of Berkel who are trying to obtain The Channel and have made camp around the Shadow Forrests, where the Shadow Tribe is located. The Berkel soldiers recognise his clothing as part of the Shadow Tribe, commenting that he has the ritual tatoo. Kiyan slaughters the soldiers once he has learnt information about the Earl.

Meanwhile, The Channel is being escorted by Shin, who goes off as a distraction to avoid the Berkel Knights from finding her. Afterwards, Earl Grafton uncovers The Channel's whereabouts and with Kiyan following, witnesses Grafton capture her. However, he intervenes and slaughters the Earl and his knights. The Channel watches in horror to witness him slaughter them. Kiyan does not acknowledge her at first as The Channel and weilds his weapon with the idea of killing her. The Channel begs for her life to be spared, saying how it will affect others. Kiyan obliges, commeting how she is 'too skinny for [his] taste'.  After sparing The Channel, Shin appears and reunites with her as they both leave the caves of Shadow Forest. Meanwhile, Kiyan returns to Darius at the Shadow Hall of inform him about the mission. Kiyan makes Kiyan go to headquaters after commenting that Kiyan is their 'best assassin' and has proven loyalty to their tribe. Kiyan goes to his room located in Headquaters and meets a young woman named Portia. She tells him that their leader, Cardinal Janus , has an assingment for him. However, he is celebrating mass in Sanctus Imriel and so Kiyan will have to meet him in person to learn further details.


Kiyan arrives at Sanctus. Upon his arrival, he is told he must infiltrate the Berkel Knights in order to pass through a Leap-gate. Kiyan gather's materials whilst Portia aids him in creating a disguise for him to wear the armour of a Berkel Knight. Kiyan, having the reccomendation from Cardinal Janus, travels to his next destination.

Kiyan meets the Berkel Castle Knights who are waiting outside the Leap-Gate. Lehman, a sergent, expresses his concern for capturing The Channel. Kiyan introduces himself as an apprentice, handing over the recommendation he received from Cardinal Janus. However, they are unable to enter as they need a Rescue Team and a Wizard to inspect the Leap-Gate. Kiyan is assigned by Sergent Lehman to find the Wizard, Grumman who is lost in Hanun forest. Upon finding the Wizard, he refuses to leave until the wolves in the forest are killed. After doing so, Kiyan returns to outside the leap-Gate. 

Once he arrives, he meets Commander Alexander, who is skeptical that the amount of soldiers present will be enough for The Channel. Despite this, he is willing to risk the soldiers for the mission, then leaves. Kiyan is informed that the commander is under direct orders of his Holiness, like the other five force leaders. After having the wizard make preperations, Kiyan travles to his next destination: Arnen.


Kiyan, among the other Berkel soldiers, is informed The Channel was trapped inside Arnen Castle. Kiyan ventures into the Castle on a rescue mission of The Channel. Once arriving, he finds The Channel isolated in a room. She acts cold towards him, calling him 'insufferable' and once Kiyan acknowledges having to deal with her attitude, he returns a similar remark. She is skeptical about his reason, as she noticed he beared the Ritual tatoos of the Shadow Tribe. However, Kiyan bluntly responds he is a Berkel Knight and is set out to rescue her. She refuses, knowing he is not a Berkel Knight and is not willing to be guillable and follow him, initially. Kiyan claims to be neither side of the Berkel Knights or the Shadow Tribe, offering her to join him as she has little opinon and few choices to make, as her life is in danger. The Channel says that she ran away from the Empire, prefering to live in exile. Having explained that the Church and the Empire have used her name to justify killing innocent people. After having unable to reason with her, Kiyan overhears Arnen Soldiers from afar. With no other choice, he knocks her out and escapes with her.

Along the way of his escape, he encounters Lehman, giving the excuse she did not eat enough when he asks why she is unconscious. Lenman and his men stay behind to fight off the Arnen Soldiers whilst Kiyan makes his escape. When Kiyan arrives to the Leap-Gate, he finds the Wizard and the soldiers are killed or unconscious. However, the gate is locked. An Elf, Shin, stops Kiyan in his tracks and demands The Channel back. Kiyan refuses and a battle pursues.

After battle, Kiyan blackmails for Shinn to leave or that he will take The Channel's life. Shinn sees him as a coward for attacking a defenseless woman but is ignored. With great reluctance, Shinn obliges but swears that he will get back The Channel. Kiyan leaves with The Channel. Shinn who is about to follow his direction is suddenly confronted by Portia, who appeared. He remarks her as inhuman, to which she responds,'Takes one to know one, fey.' During their battle, Shinn notes she posseses powers beyond her ability, to which she praises her powers as genitory, commenting after blocking his path, it was nice knowing him then leaves. 

Once arriving in the desert Hakan, Kiyan wakes up The Channel, who is confused on their whereabouts. She is still doubtful of trusting him, believing he will take her to the Empire to which she will be used to create war. Though she reluctantly obliges, as he threatens to tie her down if she resists. After travelling for a while, they make camp. Kiyan is asleep and The Channel contemplates whether to trust him or not, as there were many before him she could've trusted but instead, used her. Wishing to not repeat that, she decides to leave him. Additionally, noticing a campfire in the distance, believing that they are being followed and wishes not to be caught by the Empire to be their puppet. Five hours later, Kiyan wakes up to ancknowledge she has left him. Kiyan is angered by this, finding it a burden as he sees her outfit as inappropriate and that she hasn't got a supply of water with her. Noticing lights in the distance, he assumes she has went on ahead. 

Upon ahead, Kiyan encounters a Goblin, whom has seen The Channel. Apparently, his headboss has taken her to the North cave, planning on gaining wealth by selling her to a slave market. Kiyan then gets surronded by other golbins. The one he spoke to claims that he had killed other goblins and Kiyan is forced to fight against them. Afterwards, he enters the North cave.

Once inside, a man called chief Robbie asks him to collect materials in exchange of guidance to the Goblin's base. However, is warned about a deadly Queen Spider that resides in the Goblin base. Once arriving, Kiyan consumes the antidote Robbie gave him and battles the Queen Spider. Once winning, Kiyan finds that people are being kept prisoner by the goblins and seek for his help to escape. Kiyan, however refuses to help without the knowledge of the whereabouts of The Channel. However, in order for his escape, the prisoner requests Kiyan to find the key in order to tell the whereabouts of The Channel. After helping, the prisoner reveals that she has been held captive further in the cave by the head of Goblins and warns Kiyan to be careful. 

Kiyan battles the Head Goblin in order to free The Channel. After winning the battle, he breaks the jail cell she was captured in, a little stunned to witness him killing the Goblin. Whilst she is worried about his injuries, Kiyan responds indifferently to his wounds and wishes to leave before they are found by Shinn and the Knights. However, to their surprise, the Goblin gets up and attacks at The Channel. Kiyan protects her, but gets hurt as a consequence. After getting rid of the Goblin, he realises the weapon he was attacked with was poisoned and collapses. 

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