DMG – Increase skill related damage

M.DMG – Increases magic damage

CRT% – Chance to land a critical hit

H.RATE% – Improves chance to hit enemy

C.DMG% – Extra damage done by critical hit

DEF – Physical defense

P.RES% – Chance to resist physical damage

M.RES% – Chance to resist magic damage

EVD% – Chance to not take damage when being attacked

W.D.R% – Weapon Defense Rate

S.D.R% – Shield Defense Rate

HP – Hit Points, when they reach zero for all party members its game over and you have to reload last save

MP – Magic Points

Durability Enhancement – How many times an item can be upgraded with scrolls. You can gain multiple item levels with 1 scroll. Example: You use 5 scrolls but your item is +8.

ATK DMG – Attack damage with normal weapon