Warlock Passive Skill

Description: Hits lightnings to target for a certain chance when critical is activated.

Condition: Add 30 Skill Points

1 2 3 4
Required Skill Points 4 3 2 Skillbook
(Magic Damage + Intelligence x1.2 + Mentality) x 265.0% 295.0% 315.0% 325.0%
Lightning Chance 8.0% 11.0% 13.0% 14.0%

This is effectively a second critical on top of your current crits. Whenever any attack or skill of the Warlock lands a critical hit, this passive gives a chance for a lightning bolt to fire down and hit the enemy again for a very hefty amount of damage. If you've focused heavily on Mentality to maintain high attack accuracy and have dedicated as many of your enchantments and sockets to crit rate as possible, this passive can occur quite frequently and add yet another layer of damage output to the Warlock's already ridiculous level, especially since it adds its 300%+ damage multiplier on top of any of the Warlock's damage buffs including the awesome Blood Revenge. With this at level 4 and all other damage buffs at their max trainable level and active (Summon Bard/Bard of Destruction lvl 4, Blood Revenge level 4 and all ten layers, Blade of Darkness lvl 4) this can do over 10 times the damage of a single non-buffed weapon shot.

Known stats at level 4: Damage ratio (Magic damage + Intelligence x 1.2) x 325%, chance of occuring 14%.