• Rush of Anger (max LV 4)
  • Shouts of Threat (max LV 4)
  • Armor Penetration (max LV 4)
  • Giant Blow (max LV 2)
  • Weapon Hitback (max LV 2)
  • Swirling Storm (max LV 2)


  • Blood Thirst (max LV 3)
  • Storm of Frenzy (max LV 3)
  • Enrage (max LV 4)


  • Weapon Specializing (max LV 4)
  • Skin of Steel (max LV 3)
  • Soul's Thirst (max LV 3)
  • Revenge Incarnate (max LV 2)
  • Warrior's Instinct (max LV 2)
  • Insanity Thrills (max LV 2)


  • Digestion Enhancement - Potion cooldown time is reduced by 3 sec (applies to all mercenaries)
  • Two-handed Weapon Vengeance - 3% Increase of physical damage when two-handed weapon is used. (applies to all mercenaries)

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