"I'll attack you in your sleep, I'll stalk you when you take a bath and I'll get my revenge!"

                           -Cornette at Kamuan desert, swearing revenge on Kiyan

Cornette is an occurring character who's job it is to protect The Channel and according to her, had been payed and hired to do so. She is an ally of Shin's and is part of the Arnen Chasers.

Cornette 2




Unknown, below 20 (probably younger than Kiyan)


Arnen Chasers

Hair Color


Eye Color









Cornettte is diminitive in appearance as she was commented by Kiyan to be a 'child' and also a 'woman'. She has discheveled ginger hair that reaches around her shoulders (although her sprite image suggests her hair may be slightly shorter) and  light green eyes. Next to her ear is either some of her hair that is white, or an accessory. She wears around her neck a belt and a short open jacket , revealing her black bra and clevage. On her arms she wears fingerless black gloves that reach past her elbows and brown gloves that are padded on her hands. She is seen weilding a crowbow in her image, however her sprite shows that she is weilding daggers, suggesting that she is from the assassin class as her sprite image is similar to the mercenary assassign. She wears dark crimson shorts with a belt around her waist and brown boots.


Cornette is seen to be somewhat hot-headed and impatient. Yet, she appears to be more observant than her personality lets on, such as her ability to suspect more to the attack to the Arnen Soldiers while Shin was more curious over what had occured. She is also shown to be couragous, such as her calmness towards the description of Kiyan being a 'demon' and being unafriad to do battle. She is also shown to be a little self-centred, such as how her only duty towards The Channel was because she was paid into doing so.

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