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Inotia 4 Consists of the Following Classes:

Black Knight
Assassin Black Knight Priest
Warrior Warlock Ranger

Details on classes: Edit

This is general stuff, nothing too specific. For that, go to the class pages.

Warrior Edit

Melee Class whose skills focus on brute strength (mainly). The majority of skills use STR, with some emphasis on VIT; only 2(?) skills that use DEX.

Skills allow for stun, slows, AOE (area of effect), counterattacks, increased attack speed, and HP regen (through damage). Can wield Two Fisted (2 Handed or 2H for short), dual wielding (two melee weapons) and usage of a shield with a weapon.

Black Knight Edit

Melee Class that is well rounded, with good offensive and defensive capabilities. Certain skills allow damage through defense (Molten Armor). Skills use mixtures of VIT, STR and DEX with some INT.

Skills allow for increased damage, increased defense (physical and magical are separate), attacks with some good range, and stun (Shield required). Can wield 2H weapons or a melee weapon with a shield.

Assassin Edit

Melee Class that has the 2nd highest damage output (behind Warlocks). Has highest burst damage capability and high evade chance(with buffs): can one shot red star monsters with the right build (later game). Mainly relies on DEX and some STR for damage.

Skills allow for Stealth (which increases the next attack's damage), increased damage, damage attacks (which can go to ridiculously high amounts with the right build and setup) DOT (Poison) (Damage over Time) and slow.

Ranger Edit

Ranged Class which is the weakest of ALL classes. Unadvised to use due to the low damage output and moderate healing capabilities, which is easily beaten by Priests. Uses DEX and STR for skills (unconfirmed)

Skills allow for summoning of minions that can attack (a bear) and heal (nature thing), slow (they cannot move, but can attack) and damage.

Warlock Edit

Magic Class that carries the highest damage capability of all the classes (this applies for average damage only). Mainly offensive with the majority of skills doing damage.

Skills allow for summoning minions that attack enemies (Hell's Pawn) or provide armor (Bard), heal (through Blood Curse and related stuff), slow, stun and damage.

Priest Edit

Unique Magic/Melee class hybrid mainly for support purposes. Has the ability to heal allies, which is typically unique to it only (there are exceptions, but none are common, nor do they heal much: Ranger's heal and Warlock's Blood Curse with a passive). Skills mainly use MEN, with some STR and INT.

Skills allow for healing, stuns, AOE (damage and also sleep, sleep heals allies) and damage.

Trivia Edit

Put unknown and perhaps interesting stuffs here. Ranger is shit.