Some say that purple equipment can only be purchased in Gem shop. Let me clarify this misunderstanding. Purple equipment can be dropped by small bosses higher than lvl.59 on the Hunter's Wanted List, and by all the memory layer bosses.I will post all of the purple equipment images on this page and I will give some explainations on whether to choose this equipment or not.

By the way, orange equipement are the product of chaos combination and red equipment are the product of epic chaos combination. Chaos combinations take a lot of money and have a low chance in increasing your armor/weapon 's defense/attack, therefore it is strongly advised to not to try.

Lvl.59 Lunatic White Hair Goblin Warrior( I think)

Bandana of Darkness ( Extremely High Critical Damage Increase, a strongly advised item for ranger, warrior, assassin)

Screenshot 2017-05-21-02-49-26

King Rich's Crown (A mundane equipment)

Screenshot 2017-05-21-03-01-03

Dragon Cape (The name sounds mighty, but the stat...... Well, if you have a priest as a healer on your team, you can let her wear it)

Screenshot 2017-05-21-03-04-40
Lvl.61 Vicious Werewolf

Leather Armor Rank S(Relatively high critical rate suitable for all damage dealer)

Screenshot 2017-05-21-03-30-14

Hero's Helmet(Although its critical rate is good, there soon will be high-critical hats for magical and physical damage output, so this item is obselete)

Screenshot 2017-05-21-03-39-26

Palladium's Helm( Almost completely useless)

Screenshot 2017-05-21-03-47-03
Lvl. 66 Blackhood Chief

Vengeance ( One of the best crossbows in the game for controls, I was using it even after I reached Lvl 105. Its 27%Freeze means death to the bosses when you are accompanied with a warlock before you can obtain Desolater )

Screenshot 2017-05-21-11-12-32
Baby Headband ( Stupid name, but great equipment for magic damage dealers)
Screenshot 2017-05-21-14-12-03
Emperor's Shield ( The fist purple shield! Good equipment for a tank to use)
Screenshot 2017-05-22-07-58-45

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