Ranger Secondary SkillEdit

Description: Calls for 'beast companion'. Turns off all 'aggros' of the surrounding enemies when 'beast companion' attacks.

Mana Usage: 40

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Condition: Add 0 Skill Points

1 2 3 4
Required Skill Points 1 2 3 4
Beast's HP +60.0% +80.0% +110.0% +150.0%
Chance to go Aggro for 6 seconds +4.0% +6.0% +9.0% +13.0%
Duration 15 seconds 15 seconds 15 seconds 15 seconds

This skill is quite spammable; by the time the ranger can use this skill again, he'll have already regenerated the lost mana. It's also very useful; the summon is a meat shield that can draw aggro, and resummoning it restores all of its health.

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