"Besides, I'm strangely happy I met all of you who I've been longing to meet. I never thought it'd happen again. Do you know me per chance? I am Azad. I come from your past. You will know soon."

                                    -Azad revealing his name

Azad is a major character in inotia 4 and temporarily joins Kiyan to assist him take down the Golemn boss. Azad is a man who was once the test subject of the Moar ( also known as the force of the darkness ) But Azad was exiled from being the host, after failing the test set forth by Cardinal Janus. Once free, he swore that one day he would be back and would become the host of the Force of Darkness, and then use it power to get revenge.








Hair Color


Eye Color

Unknown(Wears A Masquerade Mask)


Stranger of Hwagan








Azad is a young man with long crimson hair that reaches his back and with some of his hair sticking upwards and part of it swept to one side. His eye colour is unknown because of the masquerade mask he wears although his sprite image may suggest that he has brown eyes. He wears a furred coat on his shoulders. On his left shoulder, he has armour with animal features. He appears to be wearing a red robe, secured by a high belt around his torso. Although he is seen weilding his signature weapon, Dragon Tooth, around his waist he weilds a small dagger in a pellet. He wears metal boots that are padded on the knees.

He is from the Dark Knight class.


Azad initially comes off as mysterious because of his connections with Portia and Kiyan. Specifically, how he hints he has met Kiyan in the past. He is also described, in particular by Kiyan as 'strong' as he observed Azad take down a monster in one hit and is thankful that he is an ally and not an enemy. Despite his strength, Azad comes off as quite laid-back in nature-as he claims he joined Kiyan's team because he was 'bored' and appears to be willingness of recklessly go into battle, as has defended Kiyan when he and Eara face the Dijins. He also appear so on feel the need to oblige to not keep an empty promise and he is genuinely friendly towards others.

The StoryEdit

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Azad's PlanEdit

Azad's plan was to get the Moar's power and then stop the Holy Light (AKA Eara) from killing the Moar. In the end of the storyline, Azad's plan was near completion, but his brother, Kiyan, got in the way.